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Certified Data Destruction - Media Sanitation

Whether you are replacing old electronis with new, throwing old eqipment away, donating or selling, we can "sanitize" your computer, tablet, cell phone or other storage device.  In oder to keep your data and personal information safe and out of the wrong hands, we recommend you properly "clean" your devices before you dispose, recycle, or re-sell them.

We offer cerftified Data Sanitizing that will leave your storage media in "like new" usable, clean condition. We will clean and certify each device for you, offering peace of mind that your sensitive data will never be acessed or used by anyone again.

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What is disk sanitization? 
Disk Sanitization is the process of eliminating sensitive data or information from storage media like hard disk drives. In cases, when the data on the hard disk is erased, some or all information about the data still remains on the hard drive. Such a condition where data still exists even after formatting or erasing the drive is called ‘Data Remanence‘.This data can be easily recovered by any data recovery software. To tackle data remanence problem in storage media and hard drives, we use a sanitization process following NIST guidelines. Our process certifies that ALL data has been permenantly removed and can NEVER be recovered again, EVER!