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High Speed Internet Specialists

We have been involved with High Speed Internet since about 2000. We were directly involved in a large scale rollout of High Speed Internet to the biggest city in Western North Carolina, completing and servicing hundreds of installations. Since that time we have been involved directly with identifying problems with, and configuring hardware and software to best utilize the volume of information that now passes through Cable, DSL, Fiber Optics and other medium to our homes and offices. We can help guide you and answer questions you may have with regard to the different services available and to best configure them to suit you needs.

Keep your computers and electronics out of the landfill! We have resources for recyling most computers and other consumer electronics. If you have equipment that doesn't work or has been replaced, let us know and we'll make sure it gets recycled the right way!
Old PCs and MACs - Working and Non-Working - Network Equipment - Cell Phones - Removeable Media - Flash Memory - Flash Drives - Most Consumer Electronics